Advantages of VMSTelnia

• VMSTelnia offer businesses more than peace of mind. VMSTelnia provides real value for your business, like:

  • monitoring3.jpgVideo proof high-resolution footage: Allow you to capture everything that happens with in your business-property. Though the most purpose is to catch criminal activity, monitor doubtful activity or person in your property.  With video recording, you’ll acquire on foul play among your staff or record instances of harassment. With video proof, you have got everything you would like to support legal cases that arise.


  • Control your workers and save thousands: do you know what your employees are doing? Do you know what time they arrive and leave, what time they take off for cigarette breaks and the way long they chat to their friends? With the wage increasing, your employees might be costing you more than you’re thinking that. Increase Business Efficiencies and Improve Profitability: additionally to providing a safer atmosphere for workers and business owners, VMSTelnia will greatly improve your business efficiencies and profitableness. Thieves and shoplifters are less possible to strike a business that’s protected by cameras.


  • VMSTelnia provides an enormous deterrent against theft from both workers and outsiders and this could greatly improve business profits and efficiency. As an example, in a very retail atmosphere, a typical convenience store with a turnover of £10,000 per week losses on the average 2.7% of turnover per week to shoplifters and internal workers theft and this equates to £14,450 each year.


But by the service of VMSTelnia this loss will be finished. 


  • Solid support for insurance claims. Recorded footage of a theft or vandalism would be enough to validate your insurance claim. Plus, although you never use footage in court, for investigations, or to form insurance claims, the lower insurance premiums that result from putting in security cameras facilitate your investment pay for itself.

Creativity.... Change & improvement !

             CREATIVITY leads CHANGE

                                                           CHANGE leads IMPROVEMENT

                     IMPROVEMENT leads SUCCESS


To run any business efficiently and to urge economic performance, one would like to keep 24/7-eyes on business place BUT is this possible?



We provide Virtual Management to run your business as you WANT IT!  by monitoring your staff & critical locations of your premises through CCTV cameras, in order to become virtual manager of your business, we also conjointly hear the communication of your staff to your esteemed clients.

By acquiring our Virtual Management Services (VMS), we enable our clients to focus on their core competencies rather to spend time on petty issues.

VMS enables your staff to be more efficient and cautious while serving your organization.

VMS provides 24×7 complete comprehensive virtualization monitoring / reporting solution, ‘WITH YOU – ALL THE WAY’, covering all aspect of business with detail reporting and on site communication.

VMS caters the following services;


  • Business / Store opening time
  • Business / Store Closing time
  • Birdcage Time report (For Restaurant business)
  • Filtration Report (For Restaurant business)
  • Front Desk Staff / Cashier Performance Report
  • Staff Timing Report
  • Staff Break Time Sheet
  • Staff Weekly Hours Report
  • Staff Mobile Usage Report (during duty hours)
  • Incident Report i.e any kind of mishaps during or after business hours (via email, phone & text messages)
  • Food Temperature Report (2-Times Daily, For Restaurant business)
  • Inventory replenishment (In/Out)

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